Marc Raiser


When asked what he does for fun, Marc replied, “I write a lot of code at work, and in my spare time I also write code”.

He loves writing software and building new things. Marc has taken that love of building into the physical world with off-the-shelf electronics and 3D printed parts, often uploading his 3D printer designs to thingiverse.  You can download them all and print them for yourself!

Living in rural Michigan has allowed Marc to appreciate the spectacular beauty of all four seasons….even if winter is, shall we say, a little harsh.

While Marc’s wife does most of the work in the garden, he does enjoy helping out when he can.  Seeing the garden flourish every year and growing their own food has been a truly rewarding experience.

Marc says that his wife has asked for some hexapod helper-bots, so you should expect those designs to be up on thingiverse soon as well!

Don Larson


Wearing several hats to fit each occasion is one of the things Don does best.

Don has been an artist and storyteller for years, starting the Time Out Of Mind website a little over ten years ago, with much success! Advertisers wanted to capitalize on his site’s popularity, but a commercial slant was never his aim. Don has openly shared his ideas and art at no cost.

Don has dealt with many challenges and has taken each lesson to heart. Being a lifelong student has kept him positive and given him the ability not only adapt to any situation, but to thrive in it, and help others do the same.

When asked about what makes him so effective in his everyday life, both professionally and personally, Don stated, “In my normal conversations I draw from all my life experiences as a storyteller, weaving my way through life, helping others where and when I can”.

In addition, Don has traveled throughout almost every state, mostly by vehicle, while vacationing with his family. Only a few states remain to be explored.

Don is also accomplished within the martial arts.  So don’t mess with him, m’kay?

Rebecca Tall Brown

Brainstormer Extraordinaire

Katlynn Blakely

Word Warrior

Paul Wagner

Designer & Firestarter