Makers and Developers

In addition to the many free bots, the Newbound Network Framework features premium bots which add advanced functionalities to the framework:


Send email from outbox to inbox over a direct, secure connection with no server in the middle! Learn more...


File Bot

The most secure and private way to transfer files between your own devices or with others! Learn more...


Port Forwarding

Share anything with an IP Address and a port number over the Newbound Network! Learn more...



Turn just about anything on or off with your web browser! Learn more...

SD Card Image

SD Card Image: $9.99

Push To Talk

The ultra-secure private group intercom. It doesn't get any easier than this! Learn more...


The Gamer Bundle

Core bots, Port Forwarding plus the Push To Talk bot.


The Big Bundle

Core bots, Push To Talk, File Bot and the Email bot.