Frequently Asked Questions

Newbound Network

Only devices that you are connected to, which have the Push To Talk app installed, and which have granted you permission to talk will show up on your Push To Talk. Make sure you are connected, and that the remote device has granted you with permission to talk.

Yes. You can install the software on as many devices as you like. If you have a registration code, you can use it to register up to 5 devices. Unregistered installations will function normally for thirty days after which point the trial period will be over and the premium apps will stop working until you register.

Open the Newbound Security app, click on the “Devices” tab and select the device you wish to grant additional privileges to. Then check the box next to each permission you want to grant to that device and click the “update” button.

You have not added the recipient to your list of peers in the Email app. Open up the Newbound Email app and then click the “Peers” tab. Make sure you are connected to the Recipient’s device (it will appear green in the button bar at the top of the page… If not, click it to connect). The recipient’s email address should appear in the list below. Make sure the checkmark is checked and click “Save”. Now when you send email to the recipient it will be routed over the Newbound Network.