The easy to use control panel for your physical world. Welcome to the internet of things!

Manage real world sensors and controls with the built-in dashboard interface, or create your own rich HTML5 apps with our powerful JSON API.

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SD Card Image

I have a 4GB SD card and I just want to download an image file and install it onto the card myself.

Introductory Price: $9.99

SD Card

Send me a preformatted 4GB SD card with the software installed on it that I can just plug into my Raspberry PI and not worry about installing any software.

Introductory Price: $29.99

JAR File

I don’t want the whole operating system set up for me… Just send me the executable JAR file and I can take it from there.

Introductory Price: $6.99

This software was originally designed for the Web Enabled Powerstrip project, but it can also be used with any number of PhidgetInterfaceKit, PhidgetMotorControl and PhidgetAdvancedServo boards on any device with a powered USB port, java and the Phidgets JAR File and Phidgets Drivers installed.

Dashboard Interface

Big easy to click buttons let you turn individual outputs on or off. The power buttons and other indicators automatically update in your web browser when the status changes. Oversee your entire system with a single glance!

Timer, Events and Extensions

Add flexible time-based rules to control outputs and motors. Additional commands and event-driven functionalities can be added to your device using the built-in web interface. Events and commands are written in java and are compiled dynamically when you submit them so there’s no need to restart the system.

Control it from your phone

Access your powerstrip with your phone from anywhere in the world over a direct secure encrypted peer-to-peer connection using the Powerstrip Universal app.
Available on the App Store!Get it on Google Play!

Control it from your browser

To control the software via a web browser you just need to look up the web address of the device running the powerstrip software. HTTP services are available on port 5773. Often, you can just type in the host name of the device, for example: http://raspberrypi:5773

Web Services API

Like all of the apps on the Newbound Network, the powerstrip also has a built in JSON web services API (click here for the API to more apps). The API supports the following commands: 

removelistener"serial","event","id"Remove an event listener.
detach"serial"Detach a device
status"serial"Returns the current status ofthe device
addlistener"serial","event","sessionid"Add an event listener to a device
deleteext"type","cmd"Delete an extension command
saveext"type","cmd","code"Save an extension command
saveevent"serial","event","code"Save an event
availableList available devices
rules"id"List timer rules
ext"serial","cmd","args"Call an extension command
getevent"serial","event"Return the java code for an event
addrule"rule"Add a new timer rule
cmd"serial","cmd","args"Sends a command to a device
deleteevent"serial","event"Delete an event rule
getext"type","cmd"Get the java code for an extension command
deleterule"id"Delete a timer rule
event"serial","event","id","data"Invoke event processing for a given event
attach"p"Attach a device
supportedReturns the list of supported devices
getextcmds"type"Returns the list of extension commands
attachedReturns the list of attached devices

For example, if your device’s web address were, here’s how you would toggle power to output #0 on an attached device with serial number 99999 in javascript using jQuery:

$.getJSON('{index:0,newVal:true}&callback=?', function(result) {
    if (result.status=='ok') alert('success!');
    else alert(result.msg);


  1. SD Card Image File
    If you are building a Web Enabled Powerstrip and you have a 4gb SD card that you would like to set up yourself, this is the one you want. The image file includes the Operating System, the Phidgets JAR File and Phidgets Drivers and the Powerstrip software, so you can just download the image file and use an installer program to install the image onto your SD card. Perfect for the Web Enabled Powerstrip, but it will work on any Raspberry Pi.
  2. SD Card
    Save yourself the aggravation of installing software entirely! We’ll set up an SD card for you and drop it in the mail.
  3. JAR File
    If you’re not building a Web Enabled Powerstrip or would like to customize the Operating System, you can use the executable JAR file to run the Powerstrip software on any device with a powered USB port, java and the Phidgets JAR File and Phidgets Drivers installed.


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