Introductory Price: $29.99 Includes the core apps plus the Email app

The Big Bundle

Introductory Price: $49.99 Core apps, Push To Talk, File Bot and the Email app

Newbound will keep prying eyes off of your sensitive letters to family, friends, and colleagues.

Peer To Peer = Total Freedom

With the totally secure Email app, you can send and receive all correspondence quickly, easily, and safely through a direct connection.

No servers, no hackers, no compromising your right to privacy.

As always, Newbound makes it “toaster simple” to install and use.

Take It A Step Further…

If desired, the Email app will even work with your existing email account.

In addition to the built-in Webmail option, you can even use it with your favorite email client application.

The Email app gives you the flexibility to go through the Newbound Network for direct inbox to inbox functionality.

No Limits. No Charges. No Kidding.


  • Server-less service – delivery without unwelcome intrusions
  • Sending files without hassles– no matter how large
  • No extra or hidden charges
  • Limitless messaging
  • Immediate gratification in receiving and sending of email
  • 30 day free trial
  • Javascript/Java API

Our business is making sure that your business stays none of “their” business.