The Newbound Story

How we came to be a driving force in the industry

Newbound was founded in 2004, in order to maintain, develop, and capitalize on the intellectual property, acquired through the liquidation of startups: EveryDay Objects, The Net Squad, and EmailRx.

Founder and CEO, Marc Raiser, has a lifetime of experience, helping companies of all sizes leverage, refine and capitalize on their investments in technology.  His deep knowledge and endless skill set have been invaluable in the continued development and growth of Newbound.

In 2007, Don Larson joined Newbound as the President, and has helped Newbound retain its impressive record of being cash-flow positive every year since its formation. His keen insight into any situation that may arise, is always on point.

Over the last ten years, Newbound has refined its intellectual property base into a full-featured App Publishing System, featuring standards-based platform services and application server architecture in a single highly integrated low-footprint java library.

Our Founders

Marc Raiser


Don Larson