The Newbound Network Framework

Our apps are powered by the ultra-secure Newbound Network framework, which provides direct, secure, encypted peer-to-peer (P2P) connections between computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices on the Internet of Things (IoT). Makers and developers can easily incorporate the Newbound Network framework into their own apps and “smart-things” to extend their creation’s functionality with our easy to use Java and Javascript API.

Immediate solutions, unlimited potential.


The promise of today’s technology seems boundless, yet somehow the average person’s experience with it is constrained. Why don’t my gadgets talk to each other? Why do I have to have so many passwords? What happens when that website I rely on raises its rates, limits my account, slows to a crawl or shuts down? What if you could easily connect all of your computers, phones, tablets and other gadgets safely and securely no matter where in the world they are in relation to each other? What if your devices could be configured to connect securely to each other automatically without a password? What if you could run your own services on your own devices and access them from anywhere, without needing to trust any third party service providers in “The Cloud” with your data, decisions or privacy?

That’s the power of the Newbound Network. Connect your digital devices to the Newbound Network and finally get all of them working together for you.

Example 1: Secure File Sharing
Say the phrase “file sharing” and most people hear “illegal file sharing”. The truth is that there are a lot of completely legitimate reasons to want to share a file between two devices that are connected to the internet. Perhaps you left today’s presentation at home on your family PC’s Desktop. Perhaps you took a picture and you want to share it with your cousin. Perhaps you are collaborating on a document with people in different timezones. Without the Newbound Network, there would be no way to transmit these files without some third party service provider in “The Cloud” managing the transaction for you. You should be able to define what machines are allowed to talk to each other and which files each of them should be able to access– and you should be able to move files without worrying about anyone eavesdropping or tracking your activity. It really should be that simple, so why isn’t it? With the Newbound Network it can be!

Example 2: Automation
These days there are plenty of cool products that plug into a USB port. With the Newbound Network you can turn that webcam, Nerf gun, thermometer, garage opener or party light into an app that you can access from anywhere. Publish all of your personal electronics as your own personal control panel. In addition to allowing you to control equipment from any web browser, The Newbound App Publishing System allows you to write apps that process events (such as the temperature dropping below a certain point, or an email with a certain subject/recipient) and automatically perform actions (such as opening the blinds or watering the lawn).

Example 3: Real-time Communication
Share services like games, printers and other network devices with our Port Forwarding API. The Newbound Network also has a built-in voice server capability turning any device into a portable P2P conference room. Use our Javascript Web Socket API to send messages directly from browser to browser with no back-end coding necessary.

With an average of over 30 years of experience providing solutions to Fortune 500 companies like IBM and Levi Strauss, you can trust the folks at Newbound to help you get the most out of your technology. The core technology powering the Newbound Network was first developed in 1995 and has been continuously refined and enhanced since then. Our software has been used to power commercial websites and to process spreadsheet data extracted by a dedicated email service. We’ve helped companies with significant efforts like overhauling their legacy systems or building entire new service offerings from scratch. Until now, only corporations could license the Newbound Software Library. Newbound is proud to announce that we have made this powerful software “Toaster Simple™” to get started with and available to you to evaluate completely free of charge.

It’s “Future Proof”
The online world is mature enough that we’ve already seen plenty examples of online sites and services that vanished leaving users stranded. Other things started out free and then switched to a subscription model. Even big names like Microsoft and Google have done this to us, so naturally we’re concerned about not just today but tomorrow. The Newbound Network doesn’t rely on ANY company (including Newbound) to function.

Authorized devices can connect to any other device with internet access, even behind firewalls. Once devices recognize each other they remain connected over an encrypted peer-to-peer connection. Even if the entire internet went dark, the devices on your home wifi network would still be able to communicate with each other via the Newbound Network.

It’s “Toaster Simple™”
You don’t need to be a software engineer to use the Newbound Network. Anyone can get our software and start connecting devices and installing apps on them. If you do happen to be a software engineer, you’ll find the Newbound App Publishing System to be delightfully powerful yet easy to use. Our system allows you to utilize as much or as little of that power as you want, without requiring you to learn new skills. If you are conversant with one or more of HTML, CSS, Java, Javascript or JSON, you will be able to get even more out the Newbound Network.

Our library integrates “peer-to-peer networking”, “encrypted communications”, “secure transaction processing”, “distributed computing” and “Service Oriented Architecture” into a “Toaster Simple™” software package that runs everywhere.

Get yourself connected to the Newbound Network and experience your technology without constraints. It’s your own personal cloud™.

Meet the Bots

The Newbound Network is an HTML5 app framework for connecting devices like computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices on the Internet of Things (IoT) directly and securely with one another. Makers and developers can easily incorporate the Newbound Network framework into their own apps and “smart-things” to extend their creation’s functionality with our easy to use Java and Javascript API. All of the functionality in our framework is provided by small, discrete libraries we call “bots”. Each bot consists of a back-end JSON API written in java, and a streamlined reference implementation front-end written in HTML, CSS and Javascript which showcases the functionality of that bot.

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