Newbound Apps

Harbour Secure Email Platform

Secure email without the hassle. Encryption that doesn't get in your way. Email that goes directly from your outbox to their inbox with no server and no metadata in the middle. Learn more...
Oasis Secure Gaming Network

Share your network game effortlessly with friends who aren't on your network without exposing yourself to the entire internet. Safe, secure, private and there's even a voice server built in. Learn more...
Fortress Secure Communications Gateway

Transfer files, have a voice or text chat, and share network resources between your own devices or with other people you trust over a direct, secure and private connection. Learn more...

The Newbound Network

Our apps are powered by the ultra-secure Newbound Network framework, which provides direct, secure, encypted peer-to-peer (P2P) connections between computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices on the Internet of Things (IoT). Makers and developers can easily incorporate the Newbound Network framework into their own apps and “smart-things” to extend their creation’s functionality with our easy to use Java and Javascript API.

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